Intellectual Outcomes

Intellectual OutcomeLead Partner Delivery DateAccess
Intellectual Outcome 1:
Curriculum Design Suitable for a Joint Undergraduate Provision in Manufacturing Mechatronics
QUBApril 2023
Intellectual Outcome 2:
Joint Training Programmes for Upskilling Existing Workforce
SERCApril 2023
Intellectual Outcome 3:
Joint Continuous Professional Development Programmes for Future Leaders
ULApril 2023Download

Intellectual Outcome 4:
Embedded International Mobility and Sustainability in All Training Programmes
NTUAApril 2023Download Sustainability Report

Download Mobility Report
Intellectual Outcome 5:
Market Research Report for Industry 4.0 Related Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Training Programmes
QUBDecember 2020Download
Intellectual Outcome 6:
Curriculum Design suitable for a Joint Postgraduate Degree in Manufacturing Mechatronics

QUBApril 2023