Undergraduate Studies

SmartEdu-4.0 is working towards the development of a curriculum design suitable for a Joint Undergraduate Provision in Manufacturing Mechatronics. The objective is to enable undergraduate Scientists & Engineers in their middle years and those between their undergraduate degree and a Masters course to develop and hone their skillsets and gain industry relevant first hand research experience in the area of Smart Manufacturing. New training pathways will be made available for the current low skilled manufacturing workforce in each Programme Country bringing them up to at least the minimum standard required to enable them to compete in this rapidly advancing industry. 

The development of a new joint curriculum suitable for an undergraduate market in Manufacturing Mechatronics in line with international technological and industrial advances is considered as an excellent fit for the workforce of the future in manufacturing. The project will enable manufacturing students from partner countries to study, work and travel in an international capacity and gain the interdisciplinary skills and ideas needed to improve manufacturing in partner countries, particularly in areas where there is increasing demand from industry, such as digitalisation technologies, data science, cyber physical systems, cyber security, sustainable product development and innovation.