Postgraduate Studies

Given that there is a limited number of programmes offering Mechatronics as degree pathway, particularly ones where Industry 4.0 is the main thematic area, SmartEdu-4.0 is working towards the development of a Postgraduate programme in addition to the relevant Undergraduate programme. The objective is to address the existing gap in relevant programmes and meet the growing manufacturing requirements for graduates with this skill set. 

The envisaged joint programme will enable manufacturing students from partner countries to study, work and travel in an international capacity and gain advanced skills and knowledge pertinent to future manufacturing needs with regard to Industry 4.0 technologies. It should be noted that the current increased unemployment levels as a result of Covid-19, and the expected prioritisation of investment in industry 4.0 initiatives in post-pandemic economic stimulation packages, is likely to create a demand for upskilling even among skilled workers as they aspire to better equip themselves to compete for opportunities in smart manufacturing.